Status as of August 18, 2017

Further Research
It is unlikely that anything more can be discovered about the third and fourth generations of the paternal line without enlisting the help of a professional genealogist in Poland.

I was able to research the maternal direct line of ancestors back to the late 1700s. My focus will now be on expanding that research to include what is known about both direct and indirect (collateral) ancestors. Additional information about indirect ancestors (cousins, aunts, uncles, and in-laws) may reveal important information about direct ancestors.


Status as of May 13, 2017

Further Research
My research in 2017 will focus on fourth generation ancestors: John Williamson and his unknown wife, Stephen Wrathall and Maragret Heron, the unknown mothers of Hugh Murray and Maragaret Edwards, Joseph Downey (b. 1804) and _____ Lambert, Francis Lapier and Jane [Downey?], John Fountain and Elizabeth _____, and the unknown parents of Elizabeth Shover [Chauvin?].


Hudgik Family History


The Ancestry of Jean Ruth Lewis
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Downey / Lewis

Jean Ruth Lewis

Strzempko / Hudzik

Knowles / Hudgik

Frank Arthur Hudgik

• Hudgik Family
Mid 1950s to 1970s

The Ancestry of Frank Arthur Hudgik
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